For God’s sake Barack.

Remember the song, “Please release me let me go”? This is my rendition of it if the “Al Sharpton Band of Bruthas’s” was singing it.

Please release me let me go, I ain’t guilty don’t you know?

The riot was started by my bro, He was Christmas shoppin’ for his Ho.

A TV was hot upon his list, It was free and must not be missed.

The fire was just an accident, We was just lightin’ a dooby that was bent.

The cop that arrested us was racist, And should not have been so damned pissed.

So open the cell and let me go, I need to report to my officer of parole.

And now my song must reach an end, So let’s all become diverse friends.

That’s the end of another act of stupidity. Thank you, thank you very much.


Obama and his liberal cohorts are concerned the methods the US uses to interrogate terrorists are to harsh. Maybe we should treat them nicer and just cut their damned heads off, like they do to us. When you are elected president do you automatically become a blooming idiot? Barack Obama COME ON DOWN!!!!

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Woody’s Welcome

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