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I have had 1 response to the message I posted below. What does that say about my website being of any use to anyone? It says I should not waste my time. It also says I sure ain’t wasting anyone else’s time.

Is anyone having problems getting on the site? Let me know please. Woody (woodysdubuque.net@gmail.com)

Page Changes

I will be deleting some of the current pages and replacing a few with new articles. I will leave this notice up for 24 hours. If there is a page you like and want me to keep, send me an email at (woodysdubuque.net@gmail.com.) The number of emails will also tell me if I should even keep the site going. If I receive very few emails, that would indicate I have very few followers. Not looking for any sympathy vote, just need input on wether I am wasting my time or not. Thanks, Woody

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